SP Screw Press

SP Series Screw Press is our original patented model of squeezer processing PE film and other soft form material. It works well on removing large amount of moisture contained in
the material.
Although it does not have heatting function, the mositure would be removed quite effectively and only leave 10~15% of it. This original model is a great chocie when you only need to roughly remove some part of moisture that material has to reduce weight for transporting or abandoning as waste.

- Designed for soft and film type plastics material (LDPE, HDPE, PP, etc)
- Great choice if requiring large capacity and roughly reduction on material moisture content
- End material moisture is around 10~15%*
- High capacity, takes up to 800kg/hr
- Low energy consumption

Life time
- Replaceable machinery parts where likely wearing out
- Several machinery parts coating with special steel material for wear-resistance
- Long-life