Dewatering Squeezer

DPP Series Dewatering Squeezer is one of our best-selling drying machine. This patented DPP Dewatering Squeezer is great for so and film type plastics materials.
Thanks to its heating design, the squeezer produces processed material with less than 6% of moisture content. It means you do not have to worry high moisture in the material will cause
pelletizing process badly, and produces bad pellets.
Although heang can be considered to cost high energy, DPP Dewatering Squeezer actually has self-heating design, which leaves the heating pad only working on machinery start-up time. In this way, energy consumption is no longer a concern.
The shape of end product will be shredded form. DPP Squeezer has its own cutting system right at the end of heating system. The equipped blower transports the end product to bulk bags, storing area or pelletizing line.

High Efficiency
- Perfect on soft and film type plastics material (LDPE, HDPE, PP, etc.)
- Takes up to 50% of input moisture for guarantee result 6% end moisture
- Produced super dry end material with 6% and less moisture
- Low energy consumption

Life time
- Replaceable design for parts where likely wearing out
- Several machinery parts coating with special steel material for wear-resistance