Dewatering Squeezer

DPF Series Die Plate Squeezer is the extended machine model of DPP series. In response to the need of waste handling in pulp and paper mill industries, we developed a model which
can produce refuse-derived fuel (in short as RDF) based on machinery ideas from DPP series model.
The rigid waste generated during pulp and paper producing process can be made into RDF-5 grade fuel (moisture content around 20%), through a complete RDF processing system and
DPF series Die Plate Suqeezer.
The rising environmental awareness has expanded worldwide. The wastes handling related regulations become more strickly and costly. In consideration of both cost-efficiency and
environmental cost, processing waste into RDF fuel is one of the best solution that pulp and paper mill industry can get.

High Efficiency
- Perfect on waste, which contains plastics material (LDPE, HDPE, PP, etc.), generated during pulp and paper producing
- Takes up to 50% of input moisture content
- Produced dry end material
- Low energy consumption

Life time
- Replaceable design for parts where likely wearing out
- Several machinery parts coating with special steel material for wear-resistance