C Crusher

C Series Granulator is an advanced and power model.
It works well on high capacity required material processing, normally 800~1600kg/hr and more (capacity varies with products, material, geometry and screen size).
The granulator is designed to be powerful and stable. It is a perfect model to processing large rigid plastics.
Its cutter structure ensures smooth cutting, and special steel made knives gives long lastng sharpness.
The C Series granulator can be upgraded to Wet Processing

- Hardened steel material extends wearing time
- Reduces dust and fines
- Pre-adjusting design for precise tolerances

Cutting Chamber
- Sealed hermecally to prevent the regrind
- from being contaminated
- Replaceable wear plate equipped (optional)

Hydraulic System
- Hopper liing for granulator
- Screen opening and closing

Wet Processing Type (upgradable option)
- Injecting water while crushing materials
- Roughly removing a part of dirt and sand