D Crusher

D Series Granulator is a professional and super model.
It works perfectly on high capacity required material processing, normally 1300 ~3500kg/hr and more (capacity varies with products, material, geometry and screen size).
The granulator is designed to be our most powerful series of granulator. It can take large plastics materials easily, even at a large amount. During processing, its cutter structure ensures smooth cutting, and special-steel-made knives give long lasting sharpness.
D series granulator is the ultimate solution for crushing process.

- Hardened steel material extends wearing time
- Reduces dust and fines
- Pre-adjusng design for precise tolerances

Cutting Chamber
- Sealed hermecally to prevent the regrind from being contaminated
- Replaceable wear plate equipped (oponal)

Hydraulic System
- Hopper liing for granulator
- Screen opening and closing

Wet Processing Type (upgradable opon)
- Injecting water while crushing materials
- Roughly removing a part of dirt and sand