TP series

TP Series Plastic Recycling System is built with advanced technologies. Unlike tradional pelletizing system, our recycling system has three major function within one unit of machine. The three major functions are: compactor, extruder, filtering & pelletizing.
One of the main selling point that TP Series Plastic Recycling System has is energy saving. We use heat-sealing technique to prevent heat loss while heating extruder barrel. Once the temprature reaches machine temp. setting, all it has to do is to cool down the extruder barrel when temprature is over the setting. The energy comsumption for hydraulic cooling system is much less than heating process comsumes.
The maintainance for TP Recycling System is easy and costs less. Assisting you to keep your benefits is one of our primary goals.

- Crushing system
- Pre-heating function
- Built-in hydraulic cooling system

Extruding System
- Electrical heating function
- Thermal insulation system
- Individual temp. controlling function
- Venting system for removing steam
- Hydraulic cooling system

- Connuous Screen Filtraon
- Auto-clean Screen Filtraon

Pelletizing System
- Hot die face pelletizing
- Special cutting routine reduces pellet fines

Uni-design Controlling System
- Professional grade controlling functions
- Real-me monitoring panel
- Meters for electricity records

Energy Saving Motors
- Using invertor duty motors
- Reduces up to 4% of energy consuming compared with regular motors