A/B Crusher

A / B Series Granulator is an original and dynamic model.
It is very suitable for standard level of capacity requirement, 500~800kg/hr and more (capacity varies with products, material, geometry and screen size).
The granulator design is very simple and user friendly.
It intends to let users feel comfortable at operating the machines, just like using an electronic device. Also, it is low costs on its maintenance, thanks to its strong structure and high quality steel material.

- Made by hardened steel material.
- Pre-adjusted outside of cutting chamber for precise tolerances when re-installing knives back onto the machines.

Cutting Chamber
- Sealed hermecally to prevent the regrind from being contaminated by incoming air or dust when extracted by suction
- Replaceable wear plate equipped (optional item)

Lifting Jack System
- Easily opening and closing granulator hopper
- Increase workplace safety